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Fertility care is an essential component of sexual and reproductive health. Over 48 million people are estimated to have infertility globally; however, its impact is felt disproportionately by women and individuals in settings within which having children implies higher socio-cultural, financial, and familial value. In recent years, there has been growing interest in research, advocacy, and policy discussions concerning infertility around the world. However, awareness related to infertility and fertility care remains low. Membership of this Global Fertility Community of Practice includes all those who are involved or are interested in fertility care or interventions aimed at resolving an infertility status.  Our members include healthcare providers who are involved in service provision and scientific or clinical researchers investigating infertility and fertility care from a singular, or multi-interdisciplinary perspective. In addition, topics will be addressed that will engage our members who represent local, community-based or international non-governmental organizations, policy makers, as well as patient support groups.   The purpose of the Global Fertility Community of Practice is:  to enhance knowledge sharing that ultimately improves access and application of evidence-based practices addressing fertility care and infertility; to promote and disseminate relevant studies covering fertility care and infertility; to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences that could improve access to or provision of fertility care and infertility prevention, diagnosis and treatment; to facilitate engagement of stakeholders who can advocate for research, policy, and service provision on fertility care and infertility interventions; and to stimulate shared learning between members who bring expertise and experiences from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and geographical contexts.  

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