Webinar Invitation: WHO/IBP Implementation Story Focus on India: “Is it possible to increase family planning users in few months? Let’s find out!!” Wednesday, September 15th 13:00 Geneva / 16:30 New Delhi

Ados May



WHO/IBP Implementation Stories: India


Wednesday, September 15th

16:30 New Delhi | 11:00 Accra | 13:00 Geneva | 14:00 Nairobi | 19:00 Manila

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The IBP Network and PSI India will host a webinar titled “Is it possible to increase family planning users in few months? Let’s find out!!” focusing on the Implementation Story from India. In an effort to share these experiences widely amongst the FP/RH community, the IBP Network hosted a contest calling for field-based program implementation stories. Join us to learn how documenting these stories can help us understand and learn from real-life experiences implementing High Impact Practices (HIPs) and WHO guidelines and encourage learning and sharing of experiences related to scaling up evidence-based interventions in FP/RH.


Speakers include:


  • Mukesh Sharma, Population Services International – India
  • Deepti Mathur, Population Services International – India
  • Devika Varghese, Population Services International – India
  • Hitesh Sahni, Population Services International – India
  • Samarendra Behera, Population Services International – India
  • Amit Sharma, Population Services International – India
  • Maheen Malik, Gates Institute
  • Kate Graham, Gates Institute



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Useful links:


FDS is codified: https://tciurbanhealth.org/courses/india-services-supply/lessons/fixed-day-static-approach/


Most significant change stories on FDS available at: https://tciurbanhealth.org/topics/india/



All Implementation Stories: https://ibpnetwork.org/page/implementation-stories


WHO web story: https://www.who.int/news/item/01-06-2021-what-worked-for-us-knowledge-sharing-to-improve-reproductive-health-programming




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