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Dear Friends,


If you happen to also be at the 2022 ICFP, please do join the following UNFPA events below. A more detailed version of where you can find UNFPA speakers/panelists throughout the ICFP will be shared as well.


Looking forward to seeing many of you in Pattaya!







If you’re attending the ICFP 2022,
please join UNFPA at the following events!

We look forward to coming together at this important conference to exchange ideas and evidence-based practices, celebrate achievements, and uphold and make important commitments towards improved family planning and sexual and reproductive health


 All times are listed in GMT+7

UNFPA Supplies Partners Assembly
Sunday, 13 November 12–4.30 p.m. | Head of State Chamber, Grand Hotel
Join us at the inaugural session of the Partners Assembly – the key stakeholder forum of the
UNFPA Supplies Partnership – where we will engage the family planning community in an
interactive exchange on programme accountability and effectiveness.


Launch of the
UNFPA Strategy for Family Planning, 2022-2030

Tuesday, 15 November 11.45 a.m.–noon | Livestage, PEACH
Tune in as the UNFPA Executive Director discusses the new 
UNFPA Strategy for Family Planning on the Livestage! As the world changes all around us,
achieving universal access to family planning takes on new urgency. Hear more about how
UNFPA will work with partners to accelerate action.


South–South and Triangular Cooperation for Family Planning
Tuesday, 15 November 11.50 a.m.–1.10 p.m. | Pattaya 11, PEACH
This high-level panel, organized with the Partners in Population and Development,
will showcase how countries leverage South–South and triangular cooperation to enhance
the capacity of national agencies and organizations in providing family planning services.

Family Planning News Network: the World at 8 Billion 
Tuesday, 15 November  2.30 p.m.–2.45 p.m. | Livestage, PEACH
Tune in to an interview with UNFPA leaders on the shifting population dynamics 
and what can be done to advance rights and choices in a world population of 8 billion.

8 Billion: a World of Infinite Possibilities – Evening Reception
Tuesday, 15 November 7–8.30 p.m. | Grand Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel
Please join UNFPA for an evening of music, art and discussion as we commemorate
the “Day of 8 Billion” and envision a world of infinite possibilities.


Demographic Diversity and Resilience
Wednesday, 16 November 2.40–4 p.m. | Pattaya 11, PEACH
This invited panel will delve into changing demographics as a driver for sustainable growth,
poverty reduction, and human capital development. The panel will investigate how countries can
promote development by making the right investments in health, family planning,
youth empowerment, education and employment.


And be sure to check out these additional events
where UNFPA is taking part!


Demographic Dividend Preconference
Sunday, 13 November 8.30 a.m.–4.30 p.m. | Orchid Ballroom A, Grand Hotel
This preconference will highlight lessons and best practices from countries undergoing a
demographic transition, including a review of significant contextual changes in recent decades
and intersecting challenges and opportunities to promote resilience drawn
from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Engage – Create – Innovate – Document  Preconference
Sunday, 13 November 8.30 a.m.–noon | Hilton Pattaya, Seaboard 3
This IBP Network, UNFPA and WHO preconference will explore innovative approaches
to implementation, including South–South learning, digital technologies, and engaging
marginalized populations. Participants will learn creative ways to document evidence
on FP/SRH programmes and identify opportunities to engage with policy makers

to make commitments and investments in FP/SRH.

Shifting Power and Advancing Equity in Global Health and Development
Monday, 14 November 7.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m. | Head of State Chamber, Grand Hotel
This preconference will host a bold conversation about how we can shift power
and accelerate efforts to advance equity in global health.


The Power of Partnerships
Wednesday, 16 November 1.25–2.25 p.m. | Plenary Hall, PEACH
This lunchtime symposium will showcase examples of Bayer’s private sector partnership
collaborations with UNFPA and other family planning organizations.

Scalable Family Planning Solutions: High Impact Practices in Focus
Wednesday, 16 November 7–9 p.m. | Pattaya 11, PEACH
This evening event will celebrate the progress and potential of High Impact Practices
in Family Planning. Learn how these vetted, evidenced-based family planning practices
are driving sustainable progress.


See you in Pattaya and online for the Virtual Conference!


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