Submit your Ideas for a Peer Assist hosted by the FP/RH Scale-up COP on August 10

Ados May

Hi all,

What issues are you or your project facing related to scale? We are soliciting challenges that could benefit from discussion and expertise within our Community of Practice via a Peer Assist for the August meeting of the Systematic Approaches for Scale-Up of FP/RH Best Practices COP. Peer assists are a participatory learning technique that involves a facilitated discussion whereby peers with relevant experience share their knowledge, often in the form of lessons learned or best practices, to brainstorm solutions.

If you have a challenge you’d welcome a group of like-minded colleagues to chew on, please e-mail Sarah at sbrittingham@.... Even if you don’t have your challenge fully articulated, please reach out to let us know you are interested by July 13 - we can help. Peer assists can be particularly helpful if you are starting a new activity and would like to learn from others' experience, you've encountered a problem that others have solved, or you'd like to learn about new approaches another project has successfully implemented.


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