STORYTELLING: Turning challenges into strengths to advance SRH

Carolin Ekman

Turning storytelling challenges into strengths to advance SRH

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Storytelling is gaining ground in the field of SRH. In the past few years, the IBP Network has engaged in various storytelling projects to increase awareness of SRH topics – and has encouraged and trained partners to explore this powerful approach in their own work. But storytelling doesn’t come without its risks and hurdles. Today, the IBP Network publishes a new Op-Ed in Devex, in which we shed light on some common challenges in global health storytelling – but also describe how you can turn these challenges into your advantage, to develop authentic and impactful narratives that can move the needle in the space of SRH.





To produce authentic, respectful and powerful storytelling, it is important to be mindful of the following:

  • Ensuring that local voices and experiences dictate the story
  • Recognizing the cost of storytelling — financially and emotionally
  • Encouraging openness and authenticity — while always protecting the integrity, privacy and safety of people
  • Acknowledging and addressing taboos and biases



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Carolin Ekman

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WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research (SRH)

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