Request for Proposal: Family Planning Stakeholder Mapping in Asia

Heather (Johnson) Finn

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Heather Finn, Knowledge SUCCESS Project


Request for Proposal

Family Planning Stakeholder Mapping in Asia



To identify and present qualitative information on key stakeholders within the Asian region that the Knowledge SUCCESS project could engage with for the successful implementation of knowledge management activities for improved family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH).



  1. Prioritize non-governmental organizations (NGOs), technical working groups (TWGs), and other key stakeholders according to their capacity to influence and their level of involvement in FP/RH in selected Asia countries for Knowledge SUCCESS to work with on knowledge management activities.
  2. Identify content creation and dissemination partners as well as opportunities for broader dissemination of KM products developed under Knowledge SUCCESS project. 



A matrix of stakeholders/partners, short analysis report, and an accompanying PPT.


Key Questions the Mapping Exercise will Explore


  1. Who are the main stakeholders of the FP/RH community in Asian countries? (Types of organizations, location, area covered, etc.).
  2. What are the stakeholders and forums that Knowledge SUCCESS should prioritize to work with? (Level of influence, funding level of commitment, national and regional anchorage, etc.)
  3. What actions can Knowledge SUCCESS take to best engage stakeholders in this region?


Focus countries

USAID Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) priority countries in Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Yemen.



Information Sources 

  • Desk review of existing FP/RH stakeholders and their functions and activities in the region
  • Co-creation workshop notes (provided)
  • Key informant interviews via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp

·        Decision makers (e.g., MOH, select co-creation workshop participants) 

·        NGOs, FBOs and CSOs working in FP/RH, including co-creation workshop participants

·        Small-group interviews via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp


The questionnaires will explore: 

  • How is each organization or TWG involved in FP/RH in their country as well as the region?
  • What are the recent, current, and planned KM activities and products?
  • Which organizations do they see as key for Knowledge SUCCESS to collaborate with? 
  • How are partners collaborating and TWGs functioning in the time of COVID-19? How have their FP/RH priorities and strategies shifted as a result of COVID-19?


Expected Outputs

  • Short report analyzing information from the desk review
  • Produce summary tables for stakeholders and forums that includes information on each respondent’s level of influence and contribution to FP/RH activities. Format will be provided to ensure consistency in other landscaping activities.
  • Engage select partners to have the opportunity to review and comment on the matrix and presentation prior to finalizing the document. 


Selection Criteria

Respondents will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Overall response and understanding of the scope of work described herein
  • Availability to start right after full execution of the consultancy contract and to produce the outputs by October 31, 2020.
  • Evidence of technical capability as shown by prior work, especially familiarity with the Asia region
  • Past performance as articulated by former and/or current clients

Proposal Requirements

Consultants/Firms should be aware that services will be performed for a program operated by a department at a university, designed to benefit the public good through the improvement of international public health services. The project is funded through USAID and as such is subject to US government terms and conditions.

Please submit a proposal that includes:

Proposed approach to task: Proposals should include a general description of the proposed approach, as well as any other relevant descriptions of processes and ideas that are believed to be relevant to this project.

Budget: Please provide an itemized budget with this scope of work and/or a description of your fee schedule. 

References: Three references with reference name and contact information are required.

Past performance/Capability statement: Proposals should also include a brief summary of their professional background  and a minimum of three relevant descriptions of past performances, particularly with similar projects. Examples of similarly produced materials would be preferred.

CCP expects work to begin on this project immediately after the contract has been fully executed, and completed in October 2020. 

Proposal Dates

Monday, August 10                            Proposal is issued

Monday, August 17                             Questions due from consultants/firms by 5:00 pm EDT

Friday, August 21                               Responses to questions sent out

Friday, August 28                               Proposals due by 5:00 pm EDT

Wed, September 2                              Proposal selected, and bidders notified.

Questions can be submitted in writing by 5 pm EDT on August 17 to Heather Finn, Operations Manager, at heather.finn@... . Questions will be answered collectively in one document for the benefit of all bidders, without identifying information.

It is anticipated that a proposal  will be selected on or about Wed, September 2, 2020. CCP will notify all vendors who respond to this RFP. If CCP does not receive a proposal that meets our needs adequately and cost effectively, we reserve the right to make no award at this time.