Reminder: August 4 Workshop on Learning from Failures

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oin us for an interactive workshop focused on improving through failure. L'interprétation en français sera disponible.

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Join Knowledge SUCCESS and the WHO/IBP Network for

Oops! Ah-ha! Learning from Failures in FP Program Implementation


Aug Failure Event (3)

You still have time to register and become an early adopter in normalizing the sharing of failures to improve family planning programs.


Join Knowledge SUCCESS and the WHO/IBP Network for an interactive workshop focused on improving through failure to strengthen FP/RH program implementation.


Our failures give us some of the greatest insights into how we can improve our programs and services, and FP/RH professionals around the world have asked that we, as a community, share more of our failures with each other so we can learn and grow together. During the session you’ll hear failure experiences from peers and have the opportunity to glean new insights from sharing your own failure story with a small group of peers. This session is meant to inspire reflection, learning, and growth.

Think that sharing your own failure is too hard? In this workshop, we’ll use a successful model that makes it easy to share failures. Here’s how:

  • Each story shared will be short and sweet – no longer than 2 minutes. We don’t need names and other details; just the essentials to foster learning.
  • You’ll share your story with a small group of no more than 4 of your peers. It’ll be a supportive environment for peers to share and learn together. 
  • Each group will use what’s called “curious questions” to learn why the failure was meaningful and how that learning can be integrated into future work. No finger pointing or blaming!

Our goal is to support a culture of informal sharing among organizations and to normalize improving through our failures so we can be better equipped to replicate and adapt lessons learned in FP/RH. We can’t do it without you!


Date: August 4, 2022

Time: 8:00-9:30am EDT


L'interprétation en français sera disponible et les francophones pourront choisir de faire partie d'un groupe de discussion francophone.



P.S. Stay tuned for announcements on how you may be able to publish your failure story for the learning and benefit of the global FP/RH community.


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