New videos on non-hormonal contraceptives by Global Health Media Project

Deb Van Dyke

Dear colleagues,

Global Health Media Project is delighted to announce our next set of family planning videos.  These videos focus on six methods that do not have hormones. 

The methods are condoms (male and female), the new single-sized Caya diaphragm, the breastfeeding method, and fertility awareness methods (the calendar method with cycle beads and the secretion method). The videos feature live-action and were shot in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Uganda, and USA. 

Each method has a video for health workers and a companion video for women and their partners. These videos are available on our website in English, French, and Spanish:

This newest set of videos join those already published on LARCs, contraceptive injectables, and pills (all available in English, French, and Spanish).  

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Deborah Van Dyke, Director 
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