Invitation to webinar: Optimising Primary Care for Skilled Maternal Health Care in rural Nigeria, Thursday 26 November 2020 @ 1:30 pm GMT.

Ermel Johnson <jermel@...>

ZERO maternal death in Africa is possible!

As part of their implementation research project, the WHARC team identified and tested a set of intervention which leads to ZERO maternal death over the duration of the project’s implementation. This webinar is organised to share their findings with the scientific community, decision makers and all stakeholders. You are kindly invited to the dissemination webinar where the research team experience will be shared, as well as implications for communities and policymakers.

The webinar will be in English, French and Portuguese.

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Webinar description

Nigeria has the second highest number of maternal deaths in the world, with only 35% of births attended by skilled birth attendants (SBA). Most women, especially those in rural areas rely on unskilled traditional birth attendants. This webinar will present the findings from a 4-year research project that used community engagement to significantly increase the use of SBA. The presenters will also reflect on what the achievements mean for a sustainable increase in births attended by skilled personnel and reductions in maternal mortality in Nigeria and similar low-income countries. This research was conducted by the Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (WHARC), a Nigerian non-governmental, non-profit organisation, in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, Canada and the Ministry of health in Nigeria The research is part of the Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa (IMCHA) initiative, jointly funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the International Development Research Centre. This webinar is co-organised with the West Africa Health Organisation, providing support to IMCHA research teams in the region for knowledge generation and uptake by decision-makers. The webinar will be in English and in French.  Register here in advance.