Inside the FP Story Season 2: A podcast by WHO/IBP Network and Knowledge SUCCESS

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From Benin to Guatemala, experts from 15 countries around the globe share innovative approaches and solutions for family planning programs.




Inside the FP Story Season 2

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Have you ever wondered how to engage a community in your family planning work, how to address the diverse needs of youth, or how to ensure that there is a supportive environment for your program? These questions—and more—will be answered on Season 2 of Inside the FP Story podcast, launching today!


This season, we spoke to guests from 15 countries around the world on not only what they did in their programs, but how they did it. Tune in to hear about:

  • A “Craft Academy” in Benin that teaches girls about contraception as they create beaded jewelry
  • A mobile service delivery program serving women in rural Guatemala
  • A program working to remove taxes on contraceptives in Madagascar

As you listen to their stories, you can apply their recommendations in your own programs.


Episode 1 - Reaching Rural and Remote Communities


This episode features two programs that have engaged communities in rural areas to meet their family planning needs. Women living in remote areas—including those belonging to ethnic, linguistic, or other minority groups—face increased difficulty in accessing FP/RH services, along with increased cultural, interpersonal, and communication barriers to healthcare. 


These programs on opposite sides of the globe—one in Guatemala and the other in Vietnam—used innovative approaches to engage with communities in remote areas, meeting their family planning needs.



Want to read the transcript while you listen? We’ve posted transcripts in English, French, and Spanish on our website.


Inside the FP Story podcast is a series that explores the details of family planning programming. This season is brought to you by Knowledge SUCCESS and the World Health Organization (WHO)/IBP Network.


You can listen to episodes on the Knowledge SUCCESS website, or subscribe to episodes on Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts.


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