Hope you can join us on Thursday! Harnessing the Power of FBOs to Improve Gender and Health Equality among Adolescents


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I hope you can join us this Thursday, September 22nd for a webinar featuring improving health and gender equality among 10-14 year olds - an example from Bangladesh! 
The webinar will be in English with interpretation into Bengali and French. We appreciate your help sharing with your networks and people you think may be interested. 

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Improving health and gender equality among very young adolescents: Harnessing the power of faith-based organizations

September 22 at 8:00 to 9:00 am ET / 12:00 to 1:00 pm GMT

Faire avancer la santé et l'égalité des sexes chez les très jeunes adolescents : l'exploitation du pouvoir des organisations confessionnelles

22 septembre de 8h00 à 9h00 HE / 12h00 à 13h00 GMT

Join USAID's MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership for a webinar exploring how two faith-based organizations in Bangladesh implemented gender transformative approaches to improve health and gender equality among very young adolescents (VYAs), their families, and communities. French and Bengali interpretation will be available.


Representatives from World Renew and LAMB will discuss their experiences implementing Save the Children’s evidence-based Choices, Voices, Promises intervention and lessons learned that can be applied for future locally-led very young adolescent programming. Reaching this age group—youths aged 10 to 14—is critical to lay the foundation for positive reproductive health outcomes, to address inequitable gender attitudes and behaviors before they are cemented, and to prevent early marriage and childbearing.


  • Dr. Bapon Mankhin, Director, Community Health and Development Program, LAMB
  • Shagota Chisim, Capacity Development Manager, World Renew Bangladesh
  • Meroji Sebany, Adolescent and Reproductive Health Advisor, Save the Children, United States

The discussion will be moderated by Liza Talukder, Project Management Specialist at the USAID Bangladesh Office of Population Health and Nutrition

Français: Rejoignez MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership de l'USAID pour un webinaire montrant comment deux organisations confessionnelles au Bangladesh ont mis en œuvre des approches transformatrices en matière de genre pour améliorer la santé et l'égalité des sexes chez les très jeunes adolescents (VYA), leurs familles et leurs communautés. Une interprétation en français et en bengali sera disponible.


Des représentants de World Renew et de LAMB discuteront de leurs expériences de mise en œuvre de l'intervention Choices, Voices, Promises de Save the Children basée sur des preuves et des leçons apprises qui peuvent être appliquées pour de futurs programmes locaux destinés aux très jeunes adolescents. Atteindre ce groupe d'âge - les jeunes âgés de 10 à 14 ans - est essentiel pour commencer à lutter contre les attitudes et les comportements sexistes néfastes, pour jeter les bases de résultats positifs en matière de santé reproductive et, en fin de compte, pour éviter les conséquences négatives potentielles, notamment le mariage et la maternité précoces. 


  • Dr Bapon Mankhin, Directeur, Programme de développement et de santé communautaire, LAMB
  • Shagota Chisim, responsable du développement des capacités, World Renew Bangladesh
  • Meroji Sebany, conseillère en matière de santé des adolescents et de la reproduction, Save the Children, États-Unis

La discussion sera animée par Liza Talukder, spécialiste de la gestion de projet, Bureau de la santé et de la nutrition de la population de l'USAID au Bangladesh.


Dr. Bapon Mankhin currently serves as Director of the community health and development program at World Mission Prayer League's (LAMB Hospital). He has been leading development projects under the LAMB community health program covering MNCH, adolescent program, waste management, and disaster risk reduction in the northern parts of Bangladesh. In the 16 years of his development journey, he was mostly involved in health, education, livelihood, integrated nutrition and Disaster Risk Reduction, where youth were an important part. 

Liza Talukder is a public health professional with over 14 years of experience. She sits in the USAID Bangladesh Office of Population Health and Nutrition as a Project Management Specialist where she leads social and behavior change, and pharmaceutical system strengthening efforts. Her experience entails working in maternal, child, and newborn health; infectious disease; adolescent sexual and reproductive health; and gender mainstreaming.

Shagota Chisim is a capacity development manager for World Renew in Bangladesh. She works with local partner organizations, local communities, and churches in programming in peace building and justice, trauma healing, and overall working to improve gender transformative practices in projects. Shagota was a co-manager of the Gender Transformative Very Young Adolescent program conducted with MOMENTUM. In this role, she trained and supervised local staff and provided technical support to the local partner in implementation. 

Meroji Sebany is an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) Advisor at Save the Children, United States. She has eight years of experience in adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health, positive youth development, and gender programming for adolescents. Meroji provides technical assistance and capacity strengthening for quality programming, including facilitating program design and implementation of age-and life-stage tailored gender transformative and social and behavior change programs. She also supports ASRH programs in several countries across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

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