HIP Webinar Invitation: Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Self-efficacy. May 16, 2023 07:00 Washington / 13:00 Geneva / 16:00 Karachi

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Dear Colleagues and Partners,


Please join us on May 16th, 2023, from 07:00 Washington / 13:00 Geneva / 16:00 Karachi for a webinar on Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Self-efficacy: strengthening an individual’s ability to achieve their reproductive intentions, the latest installment of our High Impact Practices webinar series.


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What is the proven high-impact practice in family planning?

Implement interventions to strengthen an individual’s ability to achieve their reproductive intentions by addressing their knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and self-efficacy.


Accurate knowledge about family planning has long been understood as a critical factor to reach various family planning goals and essential to informed choice. Experts believe that individuals with accurate knowledge that goes beyond knowing a few contraceptive methods, such as knowledge of fertility or contraceptive side effects, are more likely to use and less likely to discontinue using family planning to fulfill their fertility intentions. In addition to knowledge, other individual factors influencing someone’s ability to reach their fertility intentions include beliefs, attitudes, and self-efficacy. This HIP brief together with the other two HIP briefs focusing on understanding and addressing behavioral determinants (social norms and couples’ communication) recognizes that factors influencing health behaviors exist on multiple levels, are interrelated, and extend beyond the individual.



Download the HIP brief here, and register for the webinar today. We look forward to your participation!


For more information about the HIPs and to view previous webinars, please visit: https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/.



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