Episode 3 of Inside the FP Story Season 3 podcast just launched - listen now!

Natalie Apcar


In this final episode, our guests explore male engagement in family planning programming, and how to measure success.


Inside the FP Story

Season 3, Episode 3


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The third and final episode of this season’s Inside the FP Story just launched!


The third episode features interviews with guests with significant experience in male engagement with family planning program implementation, including policy influence and data measurement. These guests shared in their own words the importance of engaging men and boys in family planning and then dove into the best practices by providing real program examples.  


Episode Three: Male Engagement in Family Planning




This final episode of this season nicely concludes the season, as it ties the concept of reproductive empowerment, from the first episode, into male engagement. Our guests voice that the goal of all this is not just to achieve better family planning outcomes, but to achieve reproductive empowerment for both men and women, girls and boys. Tune in hear how:

  • Using a life course approach to male engagement can help shift social norms in favor of family planning, bodily autonomy, and couples communication.
  • Programs have found success in reaching men and boys in social spaces where they already congregate and spend time, and spreading family planning messages through these shared social networks.
  • Gaps still remain in data and measurement approaches, but there’s still some steps your program can take to measure male engagement in FP programming.



Want to read the transcript while you listen? We’ve posted transcripts in English and French on our website.


Inside the FP Story podcast is a series that explores the details of family planning programming. This season is brought to you by Knowledge SUCCESS, Breakthrough ACTION, and the USAID Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG).


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