You're Invited! Building an Equitable World for Women and Girls: Moving Beyond Family Planning

Ilayda Orankoy

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This International Women’s Day, join Pathfinder as we celebrate all the women and girls we serve and all our women partners who are the driving force behind healthy families, resilient communities, and strong health systems.


To support women on this International Women’s Day and every day thereafter, we must go far beyond family planning. We take intersectional approaches to address the most pressing issues and needs in the communities we serve and deliver the greatest impact under our mission. This means building in activities focused on women’s empowerment, climate resilience, prevention of gender-based violence, and adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health as core elements to improving sexual and reproductive health outcomes and contributing to gender equity.


The webinar will highlight the intersectional approaches to family planning taken by Pathfinder’s programs in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Jordan, and Egypt.





We will kick off our International Women’s Day 2023 celebration with a fireside chat featuring Pathfinder’s Dr. Tabinda Sarosh, President, South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa and Heroine of Health Award Winner. Dr. Tabinda will discuss Pathfinder’s country-led transformation as an organization.


Have a question for Dr. Tabinda? We invite you to submit it on the registration page.


Fireside chat moderated by Dr. Choolwe Jacobs, Global Chapters Leader, Women in Global Health.



  • Dr. Kishwer Ali, Principal Officer to CEO, PPHI Sindh
  • Sara Aziz, Founder and CEO, Safe Kids
  • Jeanett Chowdhury, CE and SBCC Officer, Pathfinder International
  • Dr. Zaib Dahar, Senior Technical Advisor, Pathfinder International 
  • Mysaa Mustafa, Act with Her Senior Project Supervisor, Institute for Family Health (IFH)
  • Dr. Lopamudra Paul, Director - Research & MEL, Pathfinder International
  • Salma Shukrallah, Sociologist, researcher, and management consultant for ATC
  • Dr. Sharmin Sultana, Technical Director/FP Specialist, Pathfinder International

Country presentations moderated by Medha Sharma, President, Visim.


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