What is IBP? An overview video.

Carolin Ekman

Dear IBP members,


We hope that you all have had a beautiful start to the new year!

We look forward collaborating with old and new members – so that we all can learn from each other’s experiences and together, accelerate access to family planning and other SRH services for all.


As we enter 2023, we thought it would be timely to share this video, which gives a recap on what the WHO/IBP Network is all about. Learn more about our vision, mission, governance structure, and how you can use the network to find partners, share your knowledge, and access evidence on what works in family planning and in other areas of SRH! And please feel free to share this with others as you talk about IBP in your circles.



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the IBP Network Secretariat



Carolin Ekman

Consultant - Information management, research dissemination and stakeholder engagement

WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research (SRH)

(includes the UNDP-UNFPA-UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction - HRP)

https://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/en | www.ibpnetwork.org

Twitter: @HRPresearch | @ibp_network