Webinar: FP and CAC Toolkit for Primary Healthcare Workforce

Carolin Ekman

Webinar 14 Dec, 14:0-15:00 CET.


Join us as we launch the Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care Toolkit for the Primary Healthcare Workforce!



This toolkit consists of:

  • FP and CAC competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes)
  • Programme and curriculum development guide for implementation of these competencies
  • Dissemination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation guide for the toolkit





Register here: bit.ly/3h6oZU0


The webinar will be in English, with interpretation to French and Spanish.


For more details, see the attached flyer!



Carolin Ekman

Consultant - Information management, research dissemination and stakeholder engagement

WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research (SRH)

(includes the UNDP-UNFPA-UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction - HRP)

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