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Health policy and systems research studies to tackle the climate crisis


The World Health Organization has called the climate crisis the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. More than 50 countries have committed to develop climate-resilient and low-carbon health systems, but there is no widely accepted definition of what that means in practice. While national policy-makers recognize the challenge of climate change, they do not always know exactly what to do or how to do it. There is a need to support countries to better understand where to start and what to prioritize to ensure health systems and health policies are mitigating and adapting to the ongoing climate crisis.

To help address this challenge, the Alliance has established a new project to identify how health systems policy-makers and managers are responding to climate change in six countries. Based on these country studies, the project aims to share lessons on how countries can overcome existing barriers.





Compassionate and respectful care in Ethiopia: A new body of embedded implementation research


Ensuring that care is provided in a compassionate and respectful way is a fundamental part of building thriving health systems. Ethiopia’s previous health sector plan positioned compassionate and respectful care among its top four transformational agendas, but a lack of understanding of what works – and what does not – stalled implementation. A new special issue of the Ethiopian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences showcases research findings from seven Alliance-supported studies, with an editorial reflecting on the importance of more systematically promoting compassionate and respectful health in Ethiopia.






The Alliance at the 75th World Health Assembly


For the first time since 2019, this week saw delegations from across the world come to Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in the 75th World Health Assembly. The Alliance has been involved in multiple elements of this year’s gathering – from participation in the Walk the Talk event to co-hosting side events on embedded implementation research and strengthening the health workforce.




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