[scaleup] Please Provide Input - Stakeholder Survey for Social Norms Research Agenda

Jamie Greenberg <jg1992@...>

Dear colleague,

I'm passing along this stakeholder survey from the Passages Project - the purpose is to gather feedback on proposed research questions to include in the Social Norms Research Agenda, now in development. This research agenda aims to provide collective guidance on addressing evidence gaps related to social norms shifting for healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy among adolescents and youth. Your answers to the survey will help us to prioritize the research questions included in the research agenda.

This survey asks respondents to score proposed research questions based on a list of predetermined criteria. The research questions are categorized according to four domains: (1) Understanding Norms and Their Influence, (2) Designing and Implementing Interventions, (3) Enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation, and (4) Scaling and Sustaining. There is also a place in the survey for respondents to suggest additional research questions they feel are missing.

We invite you to take this survey and share it with groups and individuals interested in social norms research and implementation. You can find it here in English, Spanish, and French. We are tentatively planning on closing the survey on June 6, 2022, so please complete and/or circulate by this date.



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