COPASAH Webinar on 25-26th May - "SRHR and Accountability During Covid Times"


Dear Friends,
Greetings from COPASH South Asia and SRH Hub! Hope this email finds you well.

We are excited to invite you for a webinar titled SRHR in COVID times: Accountability efforts of civil society collectives". As you are well aware, the COVID 19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on sexual and reproductive health and rights across the world and South Asia, repercussions of which will continue to be seen for several years. Pandemic control measures such as lockdowns resulted in interruption and delays in receiving routine immunization, nutrition and antenatal care, reduced access to contraceptives and contraceptive procedures, denial of abortion and maternity care at hospitals and diversion of resources towards COVID prevention and treatment.

Overall, due to the breakdown of governance systems there was lack of clarity in command-control channels, grievance redressal channels and ever-changing guidelines with poor dissemination, all impacting accountability of the health system.

At the same time, civil society organizations and autonomous citizen groups self-organized to fill in the gap left by public services. From distributing relief to setting up alternate channels for health care consultation and services, organizations and collectives played a critical role in ensuring that women and girls were supported through this time. There were also proactive efforts to demand accountability through using multiple channels including the bureaucracy, media, legal system and direct citizen action. The pandemic control measures also posed unique challenges to all these efforts, some of which were overcome through creative use of technology, but many barriers were also formidable and difficult to resolve.

This webinar will attempt to draw out these lessons based on practitioner experiences from 5 different countries in the regionĀ to deepen our understanding of how accountability unfolds in these situations.

The webinar is being organized jointly by the COPASAH's Sexual and Reproductive Health Hub and the South Asia Regional Hub. A core group with representation from 5 South Asian countries has conceptualized and designed the program. The webinar will be held onĀ 25 & 26 May 2022 at 1130 hrs CET (1500 hrs IST). It will be held for 2.5 hours on each day.

Please register using the following link:

Please find attached the agenda and flyer. We look forward to your participation in the webinar!

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(On behalf of the organizing group)