Building Resilient Sexual and Reproductive Health Supply Chains during COVID-19 and Beyond

Danielle Fortin

The COVID-19 pandemic has created acute disruptions to public health supply chains, revealing underlying vulnerabilities in the global supply ecosystem and increasing uncertainty in both the supply and demand of life-saving SRH medicines and products. A crisis of this magnitude demands that we understand what worked well, what did not, and how best to plan for the future, even as the pandemic continues. 


John Snow Inc. (JSI), in partnership with the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, conducted a rapid assessment to uncover these issues, culminating in a new report: Building Resilient Sexual and Reproductive Health Supply Chains During COVID-19 and Beyond Community Roadmap for Action and Technical Findings. The focus is on harnessing the collective action of the entire SRH community to tackle the “big” challenges along the supply chain and make progress against both emerging and long-standing issues to ensure clients have access to SRH products wherever and whenever they seek them.


The full reporting with key technical findings and the community action plan is available here.

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