What's New With the HIPs [Special Edition]: April 2023

Ados May

Issue 9, April 2023

What's New With the HIPs


Welcome to a special edition of the High Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIP) Newsletter!

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Call for Resources



We want to hear from you! The High Impact Practices in family planning are designed to help connect FP/RH professionals to family planning practices that have demonstrated impact. But once best-practices are identified, diverse challenges regarding implementation and scale-up remain. In a recent analysis, we identified an expressed need from the FP/RH professional community for additional supportive tools to aid in the implementation and scale-up of the HIPs, and to respond — we need your help!

The ask: Are you working in the field of family planning and reproductive health, and using one or more of the High Impact Practices in your work? If so, we want to know what resources have been helpful for you in implementing and scaling up these practices, and that would be applicable across regions for your FP/RH colleagues around the globe. To contribute resources, please complete the submission form available at the link here

Please note: The open comment period ends on May 5, 2023



Seeking HIP Technical Experts 


The High Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIP) Partnership is looking for technical experts to be part of groups to update the HIPs briefs on Mobile Outreach Services and Community Health Workers. Experts are also sought to write two new briefs on: Self-care for Family Planning and Task sharing for Family Planning.
Each expert will serve as a volunteer on a small team to work on one HIP brief over a one year period. The members of the technical expert groups work with a writer who, with guidance and input from the experts, writes the brief.  Details on the brief development process can be found here.
Learn more and apply here

Please note: Applications are due May 5, 2023.



Recent HIP Webinars

The HIPs Partnership is pleased to share the recordings for a recent webinar. Thank you to all of the partners who shared their time and expertise to produce this webinar!




HIP TAG Meeting Update

The last TAG meeting took place in January 2023, hosted by UNFPA. A full meeting report is available on the HIP website. Next TAG meeting is planned for June 2023 in London. 



New and Upcoming HIP Products

The HIPs Partnership is pleased to announce the release of the following new HIP products: 


  • New HIP Products: 
    • HIP SPG - Inclusion of Faith Actors in Family Planning
  • Translations
    • HIP Brief - FP & Immunization Integration - French
    • HIP Brief - Social Marketing - French
    • HIP Brief - Leading and Managing - French, Spanish and Portuguese
    • HIP Brief - Comprehensive Policy Processes -  French, Spanish and Portuguese
    • HIP Brief - Social Accountability to improve family planning information and services - French, Spanish and Portuguese
    • HIP Brief - Social and Behavior Change Overview - French and Portuguese
    • HIP Brief - Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Self-efficacy - French  
    • HIP Brief - Social Norms - French
    • HIP Brief - Promoting healthy couples’ communication to improve reproductive health outcomes - French, Spanish and Portuguese
    • HIP SPG - Strategic Planning Guide to Facilitate the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Family Planning Programming - French, Spanish and Portuguese



HIP Resource Hub:
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Strategic Planning Guides


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