Agenda to Transform the Global Health Landscape: Routine Immunization for the Achievement of the SDGs and last call for registration for GHPC22!

Ados May




The most vulnerable communities are impacted the hardest by violent conflicts, acute food insecurity, shortage of energy, the climate crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These compounded crises have severely impacted their access to lifesaving immunization and their socio-economic development, limiting even further their access to health and non-health services such as education, water, and sanitation. 


With equitable access to vaccines at the very center of its mission, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has helped vaccinate 981 million children, saved 15 million lives since 2000 through routine immunization and provided more than 1.6 billion COVID-19 vaccines through COVAX. 


It is more important than ever to put the world back on track to achieve vaccine equity, the SDGs and Health for All


Join us from October 4-5 for the Global Health Practitioner Conference for engagement with global leaders in health on topics such as vaccine equity and many more as we explore how we can collectively transform the global health landscape!








New immunization data, released on 15 July 2022, shows that 25 million children around the world missed out on one or more doses of lifesaving vaccines in 2021[1]. Of those children, 18 million had never received a single dose of vaccines, also known as Zero Dose Children.


Routine immunization is the most effective health intervention, essential to prevent outbreaks and the resurgence of eradicated diseases, and fundamental to preventing future pandemics. Reaching vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities with integrated and equitable primary healthcare (PHC) services is a pathway to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and other essential services such as education, nutrition, water, and sanitation. 


Watch and share the video below to raise awareness and inspire action to reach more children with lifesaving immunization services!


[1] WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) for 2021







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