Survey - Access to new COVID-19 Therapeutics


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Access to medicines has long been a challenge in many low-resource settings, and the COVID-19 era has been no exception. The innovations in COVID-19 R&D have moved by leaps and bounds, with many researchers, scientists, and pharma at the forefront of developing new drugs to treat and prevent COVID-19 infection and disease progression.

Some of these drugs have shown efficacy and have been granted regulatory approval. Basing on the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition's principle of advocating for equal access to innovations by all, and in advance of a related webinar planned for later this year, the coalition would like to carry out a quick survey to assess the access to these new medicines in different countries.

Laila Harras-Pelletier
Graduate - Public Policy, Global Health
Project Associate Consultant @DNDi
Sciences Po

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