Call: contribute to the WHO Global Competencies for FP and Comprehensive Abortion Care

Carolin Ekman

This is an urgent call to contribute to finalizing the WHO Global Competencies for Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care at Primary Health Care Level.

For a Delphi study, we are looking for people with expertise in:

·         Family Planning and/or

·         Comprehensive Abortion Care.

We are specifically interested in people with the following profiles:

·         experience in education

·         experience in competencies in SRHR

We welcome SRHR participants from all regions, but especially look for additional participants from the WHO regions of Western Pacific, the Americas and Eastern Mediterranean.  



What are competencies for FP and CAC? 


Competencies are the abilities of a person to integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in their performance of tasks in a given context. These Competencies are based on work done by WHO over the last 10 years. They specify what a competent person should be able to do in the workplace. They include the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are needed.

These 60 competencies are divided into 10 domains:

  • 1 domain for attitudes and values.
  • 6 domains shared with other public health professions
  • 3 specific to Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care aspects of sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Each competency lists the knowledge and behaviours that are required. The competencies are useful for designing training and continuing professional development, for specifying what is needed to gain a qualification, for recruitment and for managing staff performance.


Photo credit: Annie Spratt 

About this Delphi study 

This Delphi study brings together a large panel of experts who reflect the global diversity of contexts in SRHR work in family planning and comprehensive abortion care at primary health care level. The Delphi process helps the panelists to reach a consensus on the Competencies, through 3 successive rounds of responses, analysis, revision, and re- evaluation. We expect it to require about 1 day in total (about 3 hours for round 1; about 2 hours for round 2; about 1 hour for round 3), over 2 months. We already started Round 1 in September and it will last one more week until the 10/10/21.


We would like to draw on your expertise as a panel member with diverse experience, geographical spread and representing diverse points of view.


How to express interest in participating in this Delphi study


Please participate in this Delphi Study, conducted by Cambridge Professional Development Ltd (on behalf of the WHO), by providing  your contact details in:


Or contact  by email at Delphi@... and please provide a brief description of your relevant experience and background, geographical location and an email address to contact you with the Delphi study link. The Delphi process itself will be anonymous.

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