Questionnaire on unintended pregnancy for 2022 State of the World Population report #invitation

Jennie Greaney

Dear IBP colleagues
The subject of the 2022 State of World Population report is unintended pregnancy. We know that statistics alone do not capture the full picture and are keen to capture also real-world experiences. We are looking for quotes and voices from people around the world who have experienced circumstances that can contribute to unintended pregnancy (lack of information, lack of privacy, lack of empowerment and agency, etc.). 
To collect these voices and quotes, we have put together an anonymous questionnaire, which we are asking you to kindly share with your trusted colleagues, partners, networks, advocacy groups, activists, etc.
Please note these questions are highly sensitive. We urge friends and partners to share the questionnaire only with individuals able to give informed consent and able to respond in an environment that allows for total confidentiality. If individuals require assistance responding to the questionnaire, please ensure support is provided in a manner that respects their privacy and safety. 
Links to the surveys here in EnglishSpanishFrenchArabic and Russian. We are hoping to have all responses in by 29 October 2021.
Many thanks for your support and looking forward to sharing the report in 2022 with all our IBP partners!


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