FW: WHO's "Request for Proposals" to conduct systematic reviews on impact of family planning on women’s health and socio-economic status'

Nandita Thatte

Dear IBP Colleagues,


Please see the request below from WHO regarding an RFP to conduct systematic reviews on the impact of family planning on women’s health and socio-economic status.

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Dear colleagues

Hope you are staying well and keeping safe in these challenging times. This is to inform you that WHO published, on 01 September 2021, a Request for Proposals to conduct systematic reviews on impact of family planning on women’s health and socio-economic status.  



Investing in family planning is often positioned as a cost-effective intervention for enhancing maternal and child health, improving the social-economic status of women, and contributing to sustainable development globally. Available evidence suggests that family planning contributes to improved women’s health by reducing unintended and high risk pregnancies and therefore the number of women at risk of a maternal death or maternal morbidity; and to contribute to women’s social-economic status by enabling girls to stay in school longer, achieve higher education levels and participate in employment that increases their earning power.

Although there is broad consensus in the public health community about the evidence linking healthy timing and spacing of births to improved child health, some still consider the evidence linking family planning to women’s health, survival and socio-economic status as weak or lacking, raising concerns about the relative returns on investments in family planning programs.

Thus WHO is interested in supporting an assessment of the magnitude and quality of evidence on existence and strength of relationship(s) between family planning use, and women’s health outcomes, women’s socio-economic status, and sustainable development.


The Request for Proposals is published on the United Nations Global Market websitehttps://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/140847


Please share it widely among your networks.


Best regards


Moazzam Ali MBBS, PhD, MPH, PG Diploma | Epidemiologist. Medical Officer | UNDP-UNFPA-UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP) | WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research | World Health Organization. Avenue Appia 20, Geneva 27, CH-1211 Switzerland | Tel: +41 (22) 791.3442  |  Mobile +41 (79) 477 0431 |  E-mail: alimoa@...   | Twitter: @Moazzam2000 | Personal profile | Moazzam’s ORCID |




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Nandita Thatte, DrPH

Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health

World Health Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

Email: thatten@...




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