New article - Strengthening contraceptive counselling: gaps in knowledge and implementation research

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Ali M, Tran NT, Kabra R, Kiarie J. Strengthening contraceptive counselling: gaps in knowledge and implementation research. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health Published Online First: 30 April 2021.




Effective contraceptive counselling can help individuals choose a method that meets their needs and preferences, manage any side effects, and continue using their preferred method or switch to an alternative one. Building on the systematic review (A systematic review of the effectiveness of counselling strategies for modern contraceptive methods: what works and what doesn't? and with the aim of moving this agenda forward, a think tank was organized by WHO in 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland to identify knowledge and implementation research gaps and other opportunities to improve the quality of contraceptive counselling.

The identified and prioritised knowledge and implementation research gaps in contraceptive counselling and related cross-cutting issues constitute a stepping stone for developing further research and guidance in low- and middle-income countries. We call on country partners, international organisations, academic and research institutions, donors and United Nations agencies to join forces in this endeavour, one that meaningfully engages the community and is deeply rooted in rights-based, gender and diversity perspectives. Such efforts could contribute to ensuring that all individuals have access to quality contraceptive counselling and the preferred methods that meet their needs.


PS: We also developed a comprehensive “definition of contraceptive counselling” which will be published soon and shared.


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