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Marta Royo

Dear Jill, here some information from Colombia: 

1. Covid - 19 vaccines in Colombia are being assigned according to the risk a particular group can face, so the process started with people 80 years and older, and doctors and nurses who are directly in charge of treating Covid. 

2. Two weeks ago people 70 years old and the rest of the health professionals started getting vaccines. 

3. No real distinction has been made regarding specific vulnerable groups except in the case of the Amazon department, where due to the proximity with the Brazlian border and the risk of the new Covid-19 strain a considerable effort was made in order to vaccinate most of the population which consists mainly of indigenous communities (60% were vaccinate). 

4. There are several indigenous communities that are expressing their unwillingness to get vaccinated, the arguments being that they have natural treatments, and different beliefs that keeps them from wanting to be vaccinated. 

5. Regarding migrants, the government passed a law Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelan Migrants through which they expect to be able to vaccinate them. 

6. When the vaccines started arriving in the country, a group of parents of children with Down Syndrome advocated in order to have their sons and daughters prioritize, without success.   

7. Mi Vacuna shows the user's information and the group to which they belong within the stipulations of the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19.

8.  You can have the official information about the National Vaccination Program here:

9. In a week we can have around three to four normative changes coming from the Ministry of Health, so the conditions and instructions change quite a lot and in different ways. 

Hope this information is of help. 

Warm regards,

Marta Royo

Directora Ejecutiva

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El jue, 1 abr 2021 a las 10:13, jillmam via (<>) escribió:
Hello IBP community,

I am trying to find information regarding COVID-19 vaccination and vulnerable groups - specifically: 

How do we know that we are successfully targeting our high risk groups in the initial roll-out of vaccination programs?

Does anyone have any information on systems used in their jurisdiction, either by State/Territory/Province or Country-wide that enable disaggregation of data for monitoring and analysis? 

And in places that don't have data collection systems that allow disaggregation, what methods are you using (or have you used) to capture this information?

Many thanks for your assistance

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