Re: COVID-19 Vaccination for vulnerable groups

Ann Pederson

Many jurisdictions have identified some form of vulnerable groupings as part of the planned vaccine rollout. Here in British Columbia, we followed a UK approach to identifying clinically extremely vulnerable (as opposed to vulnerability based on social determinants of health) population groups. These people were identified as having greater risk due to some health condition that compromised their ability to manage COVID-19 infection. Mechanisms, such as patient registries, databases, etc. were used to communicate with such patients to advise them that they are eligible for vaccination prior to the time for their designated age-based group. This has been rolling out over the past couple of weeks but took about six weeks to implement. If you want to know how they are being followed, I can find out who can offer that additional information.


Hope this is of assistance.


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Hello IBP community,



I am trying to find information regarding COVID-19 vaccination and vulnerable groups - specifically: 


How do we know that we are successfully targeting our high risk groups in the initial roll-out of vaccination programs?


Does anyone have any information on systems used in their jurisdiction, either by State/Territory/Province or Country-wide that enable disaggregation of data for monitoring and analysis? 


And in places that don't have data collection systems that allow disaggregation, what methods are you using (or have you used) to capture this information?



Many thanks for your assistance


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