Webinar invitation "Mujeres adelante, sociedad vigilante" March 5 - 5:00 p.m. (CDMX time)


For 25 years Equity of Gender, Citizenship, Work and Family mexican, feminist, civil organization, has worked for women's rights and we recognize that current challenges require a critical look and demands to maintain the achievements made and continue in the search for gender equality and social justice.

Thus, within the framework of March 8, International Women's Day, we invite you to listen to six members of our organization in the webinar:

"Women ahead, vigilant society"

Date: March 5, 17 hours (CDMX time) only in spanish.

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·         Mujeres adelante, sociedad vigilante.


· The rights of women in the global panorama. Maria Eugenia Romero. General Director of Gender Equity, Citizenship, Work and Family.

· Decriminalization of abortion in Mexico: local congresses. Erika Yamada Kubo. Coordinator of States and Projects, Equidad-ddeser.

· Prevention of pregnancy in adolescents and eradication of child sexual abuse and pregnancy in girls. Bertha Miranda Rodríguez. Activist, feminist lawyer and coordinator of ddeser Hidalgo.

· Living without violence: fundamental right of women. Adriana Jiménez Patlán. Director of sexual and reproductive rights and violence, Equidad. Director of ddeser.

· Public policy on the sexual division of labor and the use of time. Alma Colin Colin. Coordinator of Policies and Budgets for Equality and Sustainable Development.

· Campaign campaign. Emilia Reyes Zúñiga. Director of Policies and Budgets for Equality and Sustainable Development.

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Kind regards,

Patricia López Romero 
Coordinadora de Estados y Proyectos Equidad-ddeser

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