NEW RELEASE! Video about the IBP platform! #powerOfPartnerships

Carolin Ekman

NEW RELEASE! Video about the IBP platform!

The IBP Network is thrilled to launch its new video, that:

  • gives an introduction to IBP
  • highlights some of the key features of the IBP online community engagement platform
  • and shows how YOU can use the platform to share, learn, connect and collaborate with others in the FP/SRH space.


This short and vivid video is a perfect way to spread the word about IBP Network in general, and our platform in particular.

So check out the video, and please don’t hesitate to share it with colleagues and friends whom you believe have an interest in FP/SRH, and whom may want to access evidence based guidelines/tools; join one of the many specific Communities of Practice hosted on the platform; or simply are open to connect with thousands of other members around the globe.


The video can be viewed and shared via YouTubewith anyone (regardless of whether they are already members of the IBP platform or not).

You can also access it via the collection of resources on the IBP Community Engagement Platform.


Please feel free to spread the word about IBP and about the IBP Community Engagement Platform – an innovative and interactive one-stop-shop for the latest news, events and discussions in the space of FP/SRH!

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