Reminder Tomorrow: Final WHO/IBP Covid-19 and FP/RH Task Team, 9hEST/15hCEST

Nandita Thatte

Dear All,

Just a reminder about our last Covid-19 and FP/RH Task Team tomorrow!

Please see link and agenda below.


Dear IBP Covid-19 Task Team Members,

Hope all are well. Please see the link and agenda below for our last meeting on September 8th. Looking forward to it!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 7883 6310
Passcode: 245557



* Key themes from the COVID-19 and FP/RH Story Map (FHI360)
* FP program adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic (FHI360)
* Small group discussions on policy, SBC and service delivery adaptations (All)


Dear IBP Covid-19 Task Team Members,

Hope all are well. We would like to organize one last Covid-19 Task Team Meeting in September. After much discussion and input from many of you, and given that Covid-19 continues to impact our daily work with many more resources available, it seems like a dedicated Task Team may no longer be required at this time. Our original "Tasks", of sharing updates on new guidance, program adaptations, and sharing Covid-19 response experiences has been met.

We can of course continue to share information and resources using the listserv (covid19@...<mailto:covid19@...>) and platform ( and if we feel the need to convene again in the future in a more formal way we can.

Looking forward to touching base in September and hope to keep the sharing going. Agenda and Zoom link to follow in the coming weeks.

With best wishes,

Nandita, Anne, Sarah, Trinity, on behalf of the Covid-19 Task Team