Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Changes (CIMC)

If you are a researcher, policymaker, implementer, provider, or advocate in the fields of menstrual health, family planning, or sexual and reproductive health you are invited to join the Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Changes (CIMC) Community of Practice which will focus on:

* Conducting and sharing research related to the issue of CIMCs,

* Contributing to publications and resources around the topic of CIMCs, and

* Increasing awareness and galvanizing support and action around CIMCs.

Contraceptive-induced menstrual changes (CIMCs) affect contraceptive users' lives in both positive and negative ways. These include consequences such as dissatisfaction with and discontinuation of contraceptives, as well as opportunities, such as improved quality of life and potential treatment of menstrual disorders. Despite the important links between family planning (FP) and menstrual health (MH), neither field adequately addresses CIMCs, including in research, product development, policies, and programs globally.


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